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Signed Groupe ZELO

A high quality of life, high-end housing, green spaces and close-knit communities.

Groupe ZELO

From New Zealand to the Outaouais, Groupe ZELO is a visionary in real estate development. Following an association with a company that originated in New Zealand and one in our own home, the Outaouais. This joint venture has established its name and built its reputation as a creator of high-end housing.

Groupe Zelo currently has a project in Aylmer as well as Gatineau and now at the doorstep of the Vorlage Mountain in Wakefield.

Environment and quality, hand in hand.

Our apartments are designed to respect the environment and reduce our ecological footprint.

In a cooperative perspective, Belvédère Lattion ensures that we meet high standards of sustainability and efficiency. In addition to the materials used, the architecture is designed and built with respect for the environment and ecology.

The execution of our eco-responsible real estate projects is carried out without any change in the price of the apartments. In the long term, the maintenance of the buildings is less expensive, especially with the selection of exterior coverings such as wood, metal and fibro cement.

Christopher Brice LL.B, B.Com, ACA, CFA

Christopher was born and raised in rural New Zealand, the youngest of four boys. He now lives in Aylmer, Gatineau with his French-Canadian wife, Christelle, and their twin boys, James and Thomas. Christopher is the Cofounder of Groupe ZELO and oversees accounting, legal affairs, marketing/sales and strategic direction.

Guillaume Gaboury

Guillaume has been pursuing his field training in the construction industry for over 10 years now. He lives in Aylmer, Gatineau with his wife and his son. Guillaume is the Cofounder of Groupe ZELO and takes care of the internal management by ensuring a healthy work environment as well as the functioning of the company.

Joey Brunet

Joey Brunet is a father of three and a big field hockey fan and player. He is also the founder of JB Construction, the construction branch of Groupe ZELO. For over 15 years, Joey has been building custom homes in the Ottawa Valley. He is a recognized figure in the field, particularly for his attention to detail. Joey also specializes in log home construction in the region.

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